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Whether you’re a passionate sports fan that shows up to the stadium before the gates even open or you prefer to watch games on the big screen – DSO Genesis Black is created for you.

DSO Genesis Black is your VIP access pass for the DSO ecosystem.

Limited to a total supply of just 999, as a DSO Genesis Black holder you will get exclusive fan benefits like:

  • Early access to team DSOs when they drop.
  • Monthly prize draw for tickets, collectibles and other cool prizes.
  • Genesis Vault – burn your Genesis DSOs in exchange for rare signed memorabilia. 
  • Exclusive Genesis merch for holders of multiple Genesis DSOs.
  • Coming soon: access to partner offers, collectibles, online and real life experiences.

Over time, the DSO Genesis Black will unlock more and more access, opportunities and value.

Will you join us and become one of the first fans to get a big win with DSO?



Now live!


999 DSO Genesis Black NFTs


$999 USD each, via normal online credit card payment

Frequently Asked Questions – Everything You Need To Know

What will I get if I buy Genesis Black DSOs (gDSOs)?

All of the perks mentioned above like monthly prize draws for holders (1 or more out of 999 is significantly better odds than most lotteries), access to the Genesis Vault of memorabilia, early access to buy Team DSOs when they drop. Over time we’ll keep adding to it with partner offers, collectibles, online experiences, real life stuff and more. 

We are committed to the Genesis community and are working hard to make it worthwhile. Whilst we can’t promise anything, we hope that they will be incredibly sought after in the future. You will be able to list your gDSOs for sale in case you need to sell for any reason.

Finally, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of getting into an ambitious project really early and if we’re successful you’ll have provable bragging rights forever!

Which sports will have the first Team DSOs?

We’re currently in planning mode, speaking with multiple teams across multiple sports including European football, some American sports and a couple of others that tour the globe. We’re not trying to be cryptic. As soon as we can announce the first Team DSOs we will.

What is a “Team DSO”?

Team DSOs are those associated with specific sports teams that will give you rights and opportunities associated with that team and their stadium. We expect to announce the first Team DSOs in the near future. For clarity, Genesis DSOs are not associated with any specific sports team and will not give you rights in a specific stadium, but you might win some cool tickets in a number of iconic stadia by being a Genesis holder. 

At some point in the future gDSOs will give you a seat in our Metaverse stadium, but today that (Metaverse) is so undefined that even we can’t really tell you what that means in terms of practical usefulness (yet!).

What won’t I get if I buy gDSOs?

See above about Team DSOs. Genesis DSOs are not associated with any specific sports team and will not give you rights in a specific stadium, but you might win some cool tickets in a number of iconic stadia by being a Genesis holder.

Are gDSOs mine forever or will they expire?

Genesis DSOs are yours forever, they don’t expire. We will keep adding value to them over time. We see them as the “Amex Black” of the DSO ecosystem that we are building and representative of the (up to) 999 most important people in it – our own DSO OGs (Original Genesis holders).

Are gDSOs an investment?

A gDSO is a cool, unique thing to own that will give you a growing list of access and opportunities over the coming months and years. Our focus is on making them incredibly useful. It’s something you can sell or buy, so the prices will be determined by demand and supply. If we make them incredibly useful and they become coveted, then the demand will outstrip the limited 999 supply.

How many gDSOs should I buy?

One gDSO will make you a Genesis insider. You may want to consider buying more. It’s common for people to buy multiple NFTs so that they can enjoy the benefits of owning multiple gDSOs, have the option to sell some later and still stay in the club, gift them to friends (or put them aside for children to inherit!) or allow others to use the benefits. Founders and insiders are going to buy our full allocations on our personal accounts. Ultimately, it’s up to you and we’ll be delighted to have you in the Genesis community.

​Is a gDSO an NFT?

Yes, because each gDSO is unique (non-fungible), the ownership is provable, transparent etc. However, unlike many of the NFTs you might hear about in the news which are mostly “collectibles”, our focus is on real world usefulness and usability (known in the industry as a “utility NFT”) and we believe the vast majority of NFTs in the future will be like this. We just like to arrive in the future early (which has its challenges too!). NFTs and blockchain are simply the technologies that allow us to do this and future proof the concept.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Today, no. We plan to add this functionality soon. We’re building DSOs primarily for sports fans rather than crypto degenerates. Anyone who’s bought an NFT with crypto (or has tried and given up) knows it’s complicated, clunky and fraught with problems. We have focused on making it feel safe, easy (which ironically, is not easy!) and accessible. We know many will make a gDSO their first ever NFT (and are working hard to make that a serious flex in the future).

Can I sell my gDSOs?

There’s an initial 60 day lock on sales – meaning you won’t be able to list your Genesis DSOs for sale until 60 days after the scheduled public sale on the 27th April. After that you will be free to list them for sale on our marketplace, although we’d rather you stay on the ride with us for a bit longer! Why a 60 day lock? Simple – we want to reward those who participate early and stay for a long time. 60 days is nothing, but it will put off those looking to buy only to try and sell quickly for a big profit.

Can I buy or sell a gDSO on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea?

Not yet. In the future we hope that gDSOs and other DSOs will be bought and sold wherever NFTs are traded. We’ve designed our technology with this in mind. However, in order to make this as easy as paying with a credit card – which is not the case with almost all traditional NFTs – we have to do it in a ‘closed’ system for now. That said, you will be able to see all of the gDSO transactions on the public Polygon blockchain from day one.

What’s your sales commission?

Just like eBay or other marketplaces, every time a gDSO is sold we’ll take a cut of the transaction which we’ll keep at 5%, meaning you get 95% of the sale’s value. Only the buyer will pay the 5% processing fee.y one.

Who is the team behind DSO?

When it comes to the success or failure of businesses, one of the biggest differentiators is the calibre of the team. Unlike most blockchain businesses who are anonymous and secretive, we are not only transparent, we are excited about our team. 
Our CEO is serial sports technology entrepreneur Mac Lackey and the parent company behind Digital Seat Ownership (DSO) is Method90. Click that link to learn more about who we are, and some of the stellar advisors who have hopped on board (like the legend who built Nike Soccer).

What’s the vision for DSOs?

Hear it from our CEO Mac Lackey right here in a few minutes:

Why do I love to read FAQs to the end?

Because you’re a details person, exactly the type who could help us with your insights and observations as we develop! We hope you jump on board and pick up some gDSOs, and as part of the Genesis community have a voice in shaping this vision.

DSOs are not investments. They are not securities and do not provide ownership of a team or venue.

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